Online Fiqh Course

Fiqh is an Arabic word that means deep understanding. It is Islamic jurisprudence that provides an expansion of the code of conduct found in the Quran. It is supplemented by tradition and implemented by the rulings and interpretations of Islamic jurists.

Fiqh deals with the observance of morals, rituals, and social legislation in our religion. It covers all areas of human actions, including heart, body, and speech. Its study brings reward in this life and it is also considered an obligation.

There are three types of Fiqh:

  • Greatest Fiqh (Theology and Creed) – the realm of faith (Imaan)
  • External Fiqh (Devotional and Interpersonal Relations) – the realm of action (Islam)
  • Internal Fiqh (Spiritual Cultivation) – the realm of virtue (Ihsan)

From the Islamic perspective, Fiqh is all about training an individual according to the Holy Quran, sayings of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), and the infallible Imaams. It provides a way of life and lets us know about the dos and don’ts of our religion.

Why is it Important to Learn Fiqh?

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran:

It is not right for all the believers to go out (to battle) together: out of each community, a group should go out to gain an understanding of the religion (fiqh), so that they can teach their people when they return and so that they can guard themselves against evil. (Quran 9:122)

Seeking knowledge of Fiqh is an essential aspect of a Muslim’s life. One cannot ignore this subject as they will be questioned about their conduct in this life.

Seeking knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim male and female, according to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It lets us know the ideal conduct and how one can remain on the right track. It also keeps Shaytan at bay when a Muslim seeks knowledge. As Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“One person with an understanding of the religion is harder on Shaytan than 1000 ignorant followers.”

Fiqh is essential to ensure one knows all about Islam. They can later use this knowledge to improve conduct of people in their surroundings.

Our Online Fiqh Classes

With every field jumping into the digital bandwagon, the knowledge of Islam has also followed the suit. You can now learn Fiqh online through reliable teachers. Our platform has started to offer courses in Fiqh since a long time now. So far, we have trained many students who are pursuing their advanced studies in Fiqh.

The aim of all our tutors is to ensure every student learns about our religion from authentic sources. This is why; they are always looking for books and information about the content of this course. Plus, the teachers work day and night to create catchy presentations for the students. This enables them to learn in a pleasant and understanding way.

Our online fiqh course comes in different packages. You can choose a pack according to your age and cognitive capacity. Generally, beginners prefer to go the basic course while those who have some know-how about Fiqh prefer the advanced course.

These classes are taken on one-on-one basis. Hence, you can freely ask the tutor to revise concepts that you were not able to understand initially. Also, you can pick times and days for the classes according to your convenience.

Here are the two Fiqh courses we offer:
  1. Hanafi Fiqh Course:
    Hanafi Fiqh Course is beyond the biography of Imaam Abu Hanifa. In fact, it is beyond how Fiqh was like before Imam Abu Hanifa. It tells us about the idea of Kufa and how that played a role in the development of the Mazhab. And then it moves down to the first three or four hundred years.

When you are done with this course, you will gain an insight into the regulations clarified by Imam Abu Hanifa. These cover the daily aspects of our lives. At the same time, they also provide students with different ideas on how they can defend their standing in Islam.

   2. Maliki Fiqh Course: 

   This course is intended for everyone who seeks clarity in their faith and worship, according to the Maliki thought school. It provides a detailed explanation of the essentials of religion. It covers everything that a Muslim should know about their belief, good character, and valid worship. This course is supplemented by additional notes and information that provides how other schools of thought perceive an Islamic notion.

Learning the Maliki Fiqh Course from an authentic teacher helps you know about this school of thought in a clear way. It also addresses some controversies that exist in current society and provides a way to deal with those issues.

Our Tutors for Online Fiqh Course

Our tutors for the online Fiqh course come from credible institutes. They have spent years in this field and know about all the issues faced by Muslims in the present era. The study of Fiqh demands staying in the learning loop at all times. This is why, our teachers have always kept themselves aware of new developments in this domain.

So far, every tutor has taught several students and they firmly believe this is a course everyone should learn in their lives. This is why, they have designed a curriculum that is easy to understand and perceive by the beginner students.

Students who complete this course will become competent enough to serve as local tutors in their communities. They can choose to pursue further training and certification with certified institutes. All students who passed from our platform have learned Fiqh in an interesting way.

And the clarification of concept is the first step towards implementation of religion.