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Quran Sessions

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Are you looking for means to connect with the Holy Quran? Congratulations, because your search ends here!

Quran Sessions is the platform dedicated to let passionate Muslims revive their lost connection with their Rabb. We run an Online Quran Academy meant to impart the authentic knowledge, far and wide.

The variety of Quran courses we provide, coupled with the knack of our tutors’ team, has enabled us to be a top-rated online Quran academy. It isn’t about filling our pockets. Instead, we drive with the intention of making our Lord (SWT) happy. 

We offer a flexible schedule for every student. Plus, we have a varying curriculum to ensure every student learns as per their aptitude. In case you feel fuzzed up, feel free to take our free no obligation trial lessons. Check it out and if it works, don’t hesitate to give us a shot. You won’t be disappointed, inshaAllah!

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We cater to every student's Needs

Our Course offerings

online Quran recitation course

Quran Recitation Course

Our Quran recitation course will help you read the Quran with proficiency Insha'Allah.

Tajweed Course

We will stand by your side until you can recite the Quran in a beautiful manner.

Online Tafseer Course

Tafseer Course

Understand the manual sent on us by the Almighty and feel yourself getting closer to your Lord (SWT).

Online Hifz course

Hifz Program

Quran Sessions is the portal that can help you memorize the Holy Quran

Online Fiqh Course

Maliki & Hanafi Fiqh

We will help you weed out all the wrong practices from your lives.

Islamic Studies Course

Islamic Studies

The extensive nature of this course will open many doors of information about Islam.

We are the pioneers

Why Quran Sessions?

We know how to make it easy and effective to learn the Quran online, thanks to our  decade long experience.

One on One Sessions

Quran Sessions knows the importance of individual attention. We provide one-to-one classes where the student and teacher can communicate in a comfortable setting. The student gets a chance to ask questions, clarify their concerns, and request a pace they prefer. These individual classes offer an incredible opportunity for the students to improve their connection with the Quran. You have the choice to devise your own schedule.

Islamic Scholars

Our curriculum is derived by consulting with several Islamic scholars. You will never find a trace of unreliable information in the courses we deliver. We give you a complete freedom to question if you ever feel doubtful about the knowledge provided by the tutors. Our entire curriculum needs follow the books and sources preferred by renowned Islamic scholars.

Regularity & Punctuality

Consistency is the key to success. Our teachers make sure that they follow a regular pattern. We have a strict policy of following the timetable. Hence, our staff always stays on its toes to be there at the appointed time. We request the similar level of punctuality and regularity from our students. The regular pattern of the classes will help the students to get a firm knowledge of the Quran and progress in their studies.

100% Money Back

If the student ever faces an issue with the tutor, they have the authority to back out. In case, you feel that the classes aren’t up to the mark, you can quit. In these cases, Quran Sessions will give you the entire amount paid at the start of the course. This feature speaks of our devotion to the cause. It is never about filling our accounts. Instead, our aim is to let every individual enhance their Quranic learning.

Cancel & Reschedule Anytime

Unlike physical classes, online classes are highly flexible. We understand that the students may have some problems and may not be able to take the classes. We provide you complete authority to call off the classes if the schedule doesn’t work for you. You can reschedule the classes for some other day or cancel them altogether. This is one of the most outstanding features of our online Quran academy.

Tailored Courses

We ensure a customized curriculum for every student. We make sure that the curriculum suits the age of a student and their prior learning. If the student doesn’t feel comfortable with the curriculum components, they can discuss this with the tutors. The tutor will tweak the course accordingly. Likewise, the student can provide all the basics they know about the domain. The tutor will then design the curriculum accordingly.

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Do you have any questions about our academy or how we work? See some of the most frequently asked questions. If you are not seeing what you are looking for then please contact us.

One of our representatives will contact you through the number and/or email you have provided. You can select the time and days for the trials and ask any queries if you have. The representative with check the tutor’s availability for your chosen time and confirm your trial classes. Please allow us 10-12 hours to contact you after receiving your details. We may contact you immediately depending upon the work load on our representatives. 

If you are a kid or a complete beginner and want to start from scratch, we recommend you to go for the Quran recitation course. We start with the basics (Qaida) and prepare you for the Quran. Our emphasis here is on building a strong foundation which will make Quran learning easier. You learn all the fundamentals of accurate Quran reading.

If you are someone who knows the basics but wants to improve his/her Quran recitation, fluency or style, the Quran Tajweed course is for you. We teach all the Tajweed rules and the techniques for fluent Quran reading. The emphasis is on perfecting your Quran recitation. You will see improvement in all areas of your Quran recitation within a couple of months.

If you know how to read the Quran with Tajweed and wish to commit it to memory, we have the hifz course for you. The course is taught by certified and experienced Huffaz who know how to make this journey easy for students. We have helped lots of students to complete this uphill task and so we guarantee better and faster results.

The Quran Tafseer course is for those who want to understand the Quran in detail. We don’t just teach word to word translation but with all the details i.e. background, connotations, context etc. This helps you get a very clear idea of every Ayah. We offer the course in English and Urdu languages under the guidance of Islamic scholars.

The Islamic fundamentals course is for the new reverts or Muslims who want to understand the basic beliefs, worships, and teachings of Islam.

We have our head office in Texas, USA and a branch office in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our tutors are from Pakistan and Egypt. Most of our tutors are graduates of Al-Azhar & International Islamic University.  All the classes are conducted from Pakistan and Egypt.

We accept PayPal which is the most convenient and secure payment method. For this, we will send the relevant invoice to your email which you can process. We also accept credit cards, Western Union, bank transfer, etc.

Yes. Although we try our best to be regular and advice our students to do the same, we also acknowledge the fact that emergencies happen and people get sick and busy. In such circumstances, classes can get missed either from our side or from the student’s side.

We will inform you beforehand if the tutor can’t make a class and will refund you if more than 3 consecutive classes are missed (in case you can’t or don’t want to take make up classes). For less than 3 missed classes, we offer make up classes only. If the classes are missed on your end, we will refund you only if you have given us a prior notice. Visit our refund policy page for more details.

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