Online Tajweed Course

Tajweed, the correct pronunciation of the Quranic Arabic, is essential to improve your recitation of the Holy Book. We have some superb tutors on board for our online Tajweed course. They will stand by your side until you can recite the Quran in a beautiful manner.

online tajweed course

What is Tajweed?

Tajweed is the term used in the context of Quran recitation. The linguistic meaning of this term is enhancement or to make something outstanding. In terms of the Quran, it refers to the set of linguistic and pronunciation rules used to recite the Quran in the right way. It is a science governed by deep-rooted static rules derived from the oral recitation of the Quran by Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Learn Tajweed Online

Technology has brought stellar modifications in the conventional way of life. We have dramatically shifted into an era where people can explore, and learn new things from miles apart. The study of the Quran has also taken a new turn. 

Anyone who wants to gain insight into the Holy Word can now do so by connecting with online Quran tutors. There are plenty of Quran Academies, like us, running online with the sole intention of spreading the Word of Allah (SWT).

You can opt to learn Tajweed online if you are unaware of the correct pronunciation of the Quran. We recommend you to sneak a peek into the course outline and how it will help you out. Once you study all the Tajweed rules, you will uncover a new chapter of the Holy Book. Slowly, you will get a new flavor of reading the Quran that is addictive and extremely sweet.

All you need is a stable Internet connection and an adequate device, like a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. 

Our Tutors for Online Tajweed Classes

At our portal, we have strived to provide a fully-established service to our students. In this regard, we have brought some of the extraordinary hands on board. Every tutor we have with us comes from a credible background. Their authentic knowledge coupled with years of experience makes them a perfect match for the struggling students.

Teachers for every course have been chosen after evaluating their background. They can cater to all age groups. Besides this, we also go female tutors on our deck to facilitate the female students. The choice of a tutor is in the hands of a student. If they feel unsatisfied with a teacher, they can freely talk with the authorities. Our motto is to keep our students happy and make them learn the concepts in the easiest way possible.

The tutors follow an authentic curriculum which can be changed according to student requirements. 

Your best bet is to take a few trial lessons with the Tajweed prodigies. This will enable you to catch the pattern and check if you can learn Tajweed online.

Our Online Tajweed Course Curriculum

Our online Tajweed course has undergone major evaluation. We make sure that we bring a well-rounded course on the table. From start to finish, the course ensures every student gets a clear perspective into the science of the Quran (Tajweed). This course is meant for students who already know the basics and want to improve their recitation, pronunciation, fluency, and style.

After providing a detailed introduction of the domain, the students begin the journey of reading Quran. Here are the rules they learn as they progress:

  • Correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabets
  • Consonants (linking the letters together)
  • Types and rules of movements
  • Tanween
  • Ikhfa
  • Idgham
  • Iqlab
  • Ghunna
  • Qalqala
  • The rule of silent & pronounced Alif
  • Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Exercise (Exercise on Harakat, Maddah Letters, Tanween, Lean Letters
  • The Sakoon, Jazam, and the Shadd
  • Combination of Shadd with Sakon and Shadd with Shadd

Once the student understands these rules clearly, they can eventually read the Quran with proficiency. The love and the connection felt by students after they are done with the course is beyond words. 

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Our tutors are graduates of well-known Islamic Universities.

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We will always be on time and never miss a class without prior notice.

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We will give you a full refund if not satisfied or miss classes due to any reasons.

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We offer multiple courses catering to the needs of students of all age groups.


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