Online Tafseer Course

How can we progress in life and succeed in the hereafter when we do not understand the manual sent on us by the Almighty? Our online Tafseer course is what you need to translate and analyze the verses of the Quran. You will feel yourself getting closer to your Lord (SWT) and in a more peaceful state, inshaAllah!

online tafseer course

What is Tafseer?

Tafseer refers to a genre of Muslim literature where the learners probe into the meaning of the Quranic verses. It derives from the root word “Fassara” which means to explain or expound. The objective of this study is to find what Allah wants from the human beings. Understanding helps to implement the teachings in our lives, enabling us to develop a connection with the Divine.

A Little About Our Online Tafseer Course

Our online Quran Tafseer course has been designed after thorough discussions with the team. We make sure that we initiate with a detailed evaluation of the domain and the proceed from easier concepts to the harder ones. 

The student gets a choice of the Surahs they want to begin with. Later, the teacher begins the explanation in the following order:

  • Discusses the context of the Surah – the background story and the place of its revelation
  • The verses and theme of the Surah – this is to give insight on the topics they will discover
  • The lessons for all students – this is to give an idea on how students can implement the lessons in their lives

All the while, the tutor also refers to other points in the Quran where same subject is discussed.

Once we are done with a Surah, we provide assignments to the students. This is to check their knowledge retention and clarification of concepts. 

We are providing our online Tafseer classes in English, Urdu, and Arabic. The students can choose a language they prefer and dive into a detailed evaluation of the Holy Verses. 

The journey is full of excitement and twists. We recommend you to take a few trial classes and witness for yourself.

Our Tutors for Online Tafseer Classes

Alhamdulillah, we have some of the brightest minds working at our portal. Each tutor gets certification from a credible institute, making them a perfect instructor for one of the most important studies of the Quran. 

Apart from the academic background, the tutors have earned their experience by constant exposure to the field. Staying in the teaching sector has helped them learn all the tricks and techniques required to clarify concepts. Not only this, but they are also a pro at using technical equipment. 

Our online Tafseer course can be learned through male or female tutors. The choice of a teacher relies on preferences of a student. Even during the course, a student can choose to change the tutor if they face any problems with the current one.

Tafseer classes online require full-fledged attention of the tutor and the student. This is one of the reasons why we provide one-on-one classes to our students. The aim is to explain the Noble of all books as profoundly as possible.

The tutors design curriculum for every student according to their age and cognitive abilities. If the student feels under pressure, they can freely talk with the tutor during Tafseer classes online. Same is the allowance if the student feels that the teacher should pick up his/her pace of teaching.

Why Learn Tafseer Online With Us?

Our platform has dedicated itself to spread the Word of Allah in all corners of the world. Our sole motto is to make our Lord (SWT) happy with our services for His religion. 

In this endeavor, we have gone an extra mile at every step. Finally, we have reached a point where students from many countries acknowledge and appreciate our achievements. They agree with our knack and keep sending their best wishes our way.


As Allah (SWT) says in the Quran:

“Verily this Quran leads to the path that is most right” [Quran 17:9]

It is verses like this that keep us driven and motivated. We want our students to taste the incredible flavor of exploring the Divine Word. 

Join us and experience one of the most thrilling yet serene journeys of your life!


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Our tutors are graduates of well-known Islamic Universities.

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100% Money Back

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Tailored Courses

We offer multiple courses catering to the needs of students of all age groups.


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